Letters to GOD Series: Letter One – THANKS

03 March 2013

Dear GOD,

I just want to start by thanking you for this awesome March day, you know how easily I can make the entire month of March all about me! Though you chose for this month to be the time when I would enter the world, it's less about my birth and more about your awesome plan for my life. For so many years in March your presence was absent from my life, and I refuse to spend another March giving myself the glory as opposed yo you. You are my maker, and I celebrate you. Thank you for my life - the Good and Bad ...that you recycled into more GOOD. Thank you for the lessons you have taught me about being more selfless, and how you have encouraged me to grow - because of your love for me I can now look outward to your will, instead of inward to my wants.

My desire is to be of great use to you and that for each day you bless me with your breath I shall live to please you alone. Help me to always honor and uplift your kingdom, hold my hand tight and do not let me fall into the belly of the world. Allow your Holy Spirit to guide me as I strive to live this life, for I know that I was set apart to serve you alone. Give me the power to squelch my tendencies to have toxic thoughts or speech. I want to uplift you and this Christian life with both my actions and my tongue. Give me the courage to share your goodness, my testimony, and all the ways you work in my life with my readers, family, and friends.

Today I am reminded that your opinion of me is the only one that matters, as I should always be a reflection of you. Give me the strength to do your work and to serve your people, make my heart one like yours - that loves unconditionally, forgives, and extends grace. I am more grateful for your love than I could ever show. Thank you for being the Good Shepherd, and for finding me - your lost sheep. Living the found life is so much better, and I'd rather be here with you than any other luxurious and worldly place that I know.

I love you Daddy, thank you for everything!


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