Letters to GOD Series: Letter Four – CONTENTMENT

24 March 2013

Dear GOD,

You have given me such a wonderful life, there are so many things that I have to be grateful for. Sometimes I do find myself being discontent, and I know that is because I put my hopes and dreams in things of this world – instead of in you. I ask that you help me to always have peace about where I am in my life. I owe it to you to be satisfied, because you have given to me sacrificially. Sometimes the world pressures people to live, think, or behave a particular way, and when we cannot achieve these things discontentment settles in.

There are all these checkboxes in life for every stage. In the beginning of my life my checkboxes were not all that apparent. As I have gotten older I am more aware of things that I have not done, or have no intentions on doing. I thank you for being patient with me during the many times I have fallen down the discontentment slope. Thank you for pulling me out.

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As I grow closer to you, and learn more about what is written in your word I have discovered the secret to being content is being thankful in every situation. I know that not all situations will be great but you promised that you would bring good out of the bad for those who love you – so that naturally means me. And since I know you love me there is no reason why I should not trust the plan that you have for my life. I know that you have great things in store for me – and if I don’t get to check a particular box it means it’s not the time or that you have something better. To be content I need to trust in your provisions and your will for my life.

I also learned that it is important to focus outwardly helping others and serving to uplift your kingdom. Not only does this accomplish the work you need done but it is a healthy distraction away from an idle mind that looks for discontentment in the things that have not gone my way. Being preoccupied with the interested of others is what I desire. Daddy I want to be content in the good and the bad – and not moved by my circumstances. I want to be content with a little or with a lot, I’d like to be content because I know you have my back and because I can do all things through your strength. Most of all I’d like to be content because I know that trusting fully in you means being content with where I am right now – today. I ask that you to help me be mindful of all these things please remove any spirit of discontentment that rest within me.

I love you Daddy.


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