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08 March 2013

Good morning Lovelies,

The time is now 7:30 EST, so I am just hanging around at the computer before I have to get out of the house at 8:30am. The agenda for today is as, Shop, SHOP, and more S H O P! If you think I am obsessed with shopping - I'm not. My sweet friend Amanda invited me to go shopping with her today because she is buying a new wardrobe for one of our sisters in Christ. It's so awesome when GOD blesses you and you can bless others. Her super sweet husband gave her extra money and her first thought was to help this sister who is dealing with self image problems by helping her feel better about her outside. I know you are probably thinking well what about the inside, well GOD will do that. So anyhow where do I fit in you ask? I am the stylist chosen for today - I never knew people admired my simple bohemian chic style so much and here I thought I was always bumming it. Ha!

After shopping we will probably do lunch or something. That will be the extent of my day though.

I am also participating in two blog hops. The links are below, join us. What are you up to this lovely Friday? Tell me in the comments below.

Let Them Eat Cake



  1. Thank you for stopping by the hop and for putting the button on your blog!!! So awesome of you. I am now following you as well :)

  2. Hey sweet girl!
    So happy to have found your blog!
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog.
    Your heart is just precious!


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