16 March 2013

Getting a Mani and Pedi my toes have expressed their gratefulness.

Reading the first installment of the Mortal of Instrument series. I have been so busy that I am not getting into it as much as I would have liked to. However thats all going to change as I am heading home on Wednesday so I have a full three hours to make up for lost time. Yay for uninterrupted reading.

Listening to Meredith Andrews - Not for a moment. This song embodies exactly what my relationship with Christ has been like. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about him. I love that it reminds me that even in the rough patches he has never forsaken me, not even for a moment. Check it out.
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Craving the you pick two from Panera Bread, I used to really love the Tomato soup from Quiznos but its nothing compared to Panera Bread's tomato soup which is ridiculously delicious. I also love their Mediterranean sandwich which is meatless but oh so tasty.

Anticipating hanging out with my entire family tomorrow at a Picnic. I haven't seen some of them since last year July when they came to visit us in New York. I am also looking forward to having some nice food, laughs, and just having our family in one place - we are going through so many transitions both individually and as a family, so this will be a nice distraction. Praying for no rain.

Watching my favorite genres of movies "Bollywood" via Netflix. Just finished watching Swades, I really enjoy watching Shah Rukh Khan Movies. My favorite Bollywood movie of all time is Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi if you have a Netflix subscription check it out. Beware it might spark and obsession with these colorful musical love stories.
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Obsessing over spending time with my awesome bible study friends. So sad to be leaving them on Wednesday. I am also obsessing over the bible series on the History Channel, you should check it out.

Loving all the ideas that I am finding on pinterest to fix up my living room. Check out what has inspired me HERE. Also loving that spring has come to Anthropologie, this dress is absolutely gorgeous.
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What are you up to today? Feel free to tell me in the comments below or to link me to your own "Currently" post.


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