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28 March 2013

So my awesome bloggy friend Kaitlyn and her friend Sharlee are hosting the Alphabet Dating Series. So this week I am linking up my awesome "A" date with the hubby.

This was a week long date - just to give you a little background my husband and I had been apart for two months. So our date started at my Arrival on American Airlines flight 1754. 

As my plane landed into NYC my butterflies began to kick in. I seriously felt like a giddy little school girl with a crush. I had no idea what I would say to him, what he would feel like when I hugged him, or what we would do beside's stare at each other for several hours. Seriously touching down into NYC felt so good.
New York City
As I left the plane and headed to baggage claim my heart raced with every step. Seriously at one point I thought I was going to faint, I have no idea why I was feeling so anxious. As I was texting family members to say that I had arrived safely I walked right into strange but familiar arms. I didn't even expect him to be at the airport that early, but there he was.

All we could do was smile at each other while we waited on my bag.

After getting my bags and heading home with my two months worth of junk I unloaded and took in our little city apartment all over again. My sweetheart treated me to my favorite - Indian Food. A little place called Amma - perfect for an A Date right. 

We had wonderful food. Aloo Gobi, Chana Masala, you name it. The food was awesome but gazing into his eyes was the best part of the date. 

After stuffing our bellies to the brim we head to Anthropologie to do a little shopping. Hey don't judge me shopping is a perfectly awesome thing to do on a date. I picked up this cute little dish too.

We also caught a movie at...you guessed it AMC theatres. My hubby and I are really lame and love cartoons so we saw the Croods in 3D. 

Didn't the place look like a starry night?  We might have just seen a cartoon but it was so romantic.

This is us after our date. Almost eight years married still very much in love.
After two months without this guy I was very excited to be with him, we could have done just about anything and I would have been happy. We had fun, laughs, food, and kisses - our A date was pretty amazing, Airport, Airlines, Amma, Anthro, and AMC included. If you had an A date  link up here



  1. Thanks for linking up!! I'm so excited to find your blog and get to know you better. A few things: 1. You are gorgeous 2. That food looks amazing 3. I love that you went to a cartoon together. 4. I think the theme of your entire date can be summed up with "a"nticipation! How exciting that you guys had just reunited after two months! :) I love it!!! Totally romantic.

  2. Aweee So cute:D Two months! I am going to Texas for one week, and I know I am going to be missing the Mr. like crazy! Super awesome:)


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