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14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies,
I pray that today you are celebrating the meaning of true love (Jesus) whilst sharing that love with your loved ones today and always. Today most of my family members are away at work, and my husband is at work back home. So since I am away from him, I have decided to celebrate alone. This morning I had a date with Jesus and now I am cooking up my Valentine's Day lunch.
Two days ago I pampered myself with homemade clay masque facial, so I wanted to share the recipe and steps with you all in case you too want to show yourself some love. I used Bentonite clay for the base of this masque. This clay has many great benefits for skin, hair, and your intestines – it is derived from volcanic ashes. As the skin is concerned bentonite clay brings the dirt and other impurities to the surface so they can be washed away or easily extracted. It works well for acne, blackheads, and removing excess oil from your skin. I purchased this product at Whole Foods for my locs originally but have found it useful for a weekly facial. So here’s how you make the masque.

For this clay masque you will need:
Bentonite Clay
Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Plastic/Wood/ or Ceramic Spoon
Glass bowl/cup
Measuring Spoons
[Do NOT use any metal materials as it changes the properties of the clay!]

To start I used my tablespoon from my measuring spoon set (again be sure that it is plastic or ceramic and NOT metal) and measured out one tablespoon of bentonite clay and then I measured out one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. The instructions call for mixing at a 1:1 ratio.

I then began mixing the ingredients together in my small glass cup.


You can stop mixing when your mixture is smooth and looks similar to this.


I made enough of the masque just to do my face. If you want to do your face, neck and upper chest doubling the ingredients should be sufficient. Once I was satisfied with the texture of my mixture I began applying it to my face.


I allowed my face masque to stay on for the maximum amount of time which is 20 minutes. However it is advised that you only allow 5-10 minutes if you have sensitive skin.


I watched a movie for 20 minutes and had a timer set. Once the timer was done the masque has begun to crack – showing that it was dry.


I then rinsed the masque off my face with warm water until all traces of it were gone – and followed up with my favorite oil free moisturizer by Juice Beauty. If you have any blackheads gently remove them before using your moisturizer. Here are the results my before and after shots:
The results that I received from this masque are clearer, brighter, firmer, and smoother skin. It's harder to be seen in photos than in person but if you look at my nose, forehead, and chin a big difference can be seen.
I really hope you try it, if you do let me know by tagging me on Instagram or Twitter and showing me your results.


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