Im The Kinda Girl Who ...

22 February 2013

  • loves to wear my hair in a bun or down (no regular ponytails here).
  • wears flip flops even on rainy days (my toes need to breathe).
  • cooks every day.
  • doesn't mind sharing my food.
  • will read to you when you are sick.
  • totally embraces my own nudity (at home).
  • flips or twirls my hair when I talk.
  • often has a good cry.
  • loves to travel, and will chose it over shopping anyday.
  • is super organized and writes everything down.
  • will smack and go "ummmm" when I'm eating good food!
  • will try any "wholesome" thing once.
  • totally loves love stories and watches them in any language.
  • wears the same color nail polish every time I get a manicure or pedicure.
  • loves to be barefoot and drink Barefoot wine.
  • loves babies and wants a ton of them.
  • very old fashioned about life.
  • hates to watch the news, I find it completely depressing.
  • reads my bible and will shout when it gets good.
  • loves hard, isn't perfect, but is completely genuine.
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