Bargain Shopping II

23 February 2013

Hey Lovelies,
In my last post I gave you the rundown on how to shop successfully on Craigslist, from inspiration to negotiations and pick up. In this follow up post I want to cut into number one on the tips list and show you all how I find what I want on Craigslist.
First I search for something that inspires me. I found this image from Pinterest sometime last year.
Immediately I began to access what had and needed to achieve this look. I already have a couch so I am currently looking for end tables and a coffee table. I decided that I would work on getting the coffee table first, the end tables could wait. I then began to look for coffee tables that would be perfect for my space – the coffee table does not need to be exactly the same but similar to the once in the photo, so that I still get the look I am going for.
One day when browsing around IKEA I stumbled upon this table in their “AS IS” section. I thought it was beautiful and exactly what I was looking for, however it was missing the drawer.
At that moment I realized that whatever coffee table I decided upon needed to have at least one drawer. You know to put remotes and magazine in – I do live with a guy and there is nothing that annoys him more than not being able to find the remote.
After talking to Mr.FixIt we decided that we wanted to get the Isala table new from IKEA since we refused buy one without the drawer. We marched up to where they had the new tables and I developed sticker shock. My husband said that the price was reasonable for what I wanted and he encouraged me to buy it. The table was selling for $199 plus tax. My mind was already made up, that the Isala coffee table would not be going home with us, because the price was an insult. Why you ask? The biggest reason is that it was made of particle board! We all know that particle board items have a shorter life span than solid wood items – solid wood items can be buffed and repainted as they age or get damaged. With this particle board item if it got one scratch it would be hopeless. So after leaving IKEA empty handed I search specifically for “coffee table with drawer” on Craigslist. My search yielded many results, some were close and others were very far from what I was looking for. The next day I searched again – behold the closest match I would find. I made up my mind that I was prepared to do a little painting to get it to look how I wanted it to.
All that was left to do was to contact the seller and possibly negotiate the price. So you see shopping on Craigslist is not as daunting as it seems. Finding an item can be very rewarding especially when you find it at the right price and in a reasonable condition. Even if something you want seems to be a reasonable price in the store search Craigslist. You may find the same item or something similar to it on there. Many people put like new items for sale on Craigslist for different reasons – some people move and no longer have space for it, bought it and hated it, or they no longer have use for it. So always give Craigslist a try when bargain shopping.
If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

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