Hello Sydni

28 February 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I wanted to introduce you all to my sweetheart doggy Sydni. She is my 2.5lb almost seven year old chihuahua. Her favorite things to do are nap, cuddle, sunbathe, and eat her treats. She likes playing dress up and hates the cold weather. Isn't she adorable?

I also wanted to share a hilarious video of my dog swimming in the bathtub. When we aren't in Florida we have no access to the a pool, so the tub is our only option - and because she's so small we decided to give it a go.

I hope you loved it. Let me know in the comments below.


1 comment:

  1. Oh Sydni is just a darling little fur baby - I just love her! That video of her swimming in the bathtub is the cutest thing. We've never put our Optimus Prime in the bathtub to swim but I wonder if he would like it! :)



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