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25 February 2013

Hey Lovelies,

So this month I participated in my first Cara Box Exchange. You can find out more about that HERE. Let me just say Birch Box has nothing on these super sweet, encouraging, and creative boxes sent from one lady to another. 

I was totally thrilled when I got my first email revealing who my Cara Box Partners were. I spent as much time as I could getting to know them. My partners were Samantha & Michele. So our theme for this month was Club Sexy, immediately I though I have to get creative or this could be awkward. Ha! I did not want to send anything to my partner that would make her cringe. In this post I'll be covering what I received from Samantha, if you want to see what I sent Michele you will have to check out her blog, the link is above. I encourage you to check them both out, they are two super sweet ladies with very interesting lives, oh and most of all they live in the Empire State...what's cooler than that?

My Cara Box arrived from Samantha three days ago, when she told me it was mailed out it seems as if I got it the next day - it came super fast. I actually checked the mailbox before going out with some friends and I was bummed because I had to wait until I came back home to open it. I spent most of lunch thinking about what was in the box - it may sound lame, but there is nothing like getting sweet gifts and cards via snail mail instead of bills, junk, and random things I order on Amazon. So when I got home I busted in the door like a kid on Christmas ready to open my box!

I was totally excited to see that most of the boxes contents were shades of pink. I love pink, so thanks Samantha for sitting down and reading my life story in the numerous emails and for coming up with this amazing box. Here's what the amazing Samantha sent me!

 I vaguely remember telling her that a I loved to bake so I am so excited about getting this cake pop decorating kit. My husband tells me I smell like cake everyday and I have been away from him for a month now - when I get home I am going to be back to baking him some scrumptious decorated cakes all thanks to Samantha.

She also sent me these super cute measuring cups and spoons. There is nothing more festive than heart shaped baking utensils for a romantic evening. 

 Next up was this sexy lip gloss, from ELF. I am wearing it in the picture above. I really hope there is some left when I go home because I have been club sexying myself while I am here in Florida.

I was also surprised to find these awesome recipe cards that got tucked away in the side of the box. This woman was on a roll I was so excited to have these to add to my recipe box. I will save them to write down special recipes that are centered around romantic evenings like my "aphrodisiac pasta".

 I absolutely love everything in the box, but this had to be the neatest surprise a pink clutch with cat-eye frames on it. The bottom set of frames is exactly like the glasses I wear everyday. What a special treat this was!

 And here is the note that she left in my box.

I have to say that I am so happy that I signed up for the Cara Box Exchange. It was an awesome experience and Samantha was so sweet, her gifts were heartfelt and made me feel super special. Even though I was not in town to pick up my Cara Box from her I am glad that I swapped with someone in NY - I hope that soon she and I will be able to grab coffee and share some laughs face to face. Thank you so much Samantha!

If you are interested in the Cara Box Exchange check out the link above, not only is it about exchanging gifts - but more so about starting beautiful friendships with wonderful women all over the world.

Be sure to check out the links above and signup for the Cara Box exchange, and maybe I'll be exchanging boxes with you next month!


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  1. I love the bag! How cool is that! And the little measuring cups are adorable!


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