30 Before 30

24 February 2013

Hey Lovelies,
My 26th birthday is fast approaching - its exactly two weeks from today. I was browsing several blogs a few weeks ago and I realized that this “30 before 30” thing was getting pretty big! At first I was like no, I won’t do it – but then I remembered how inspired I felt when I watched the Bucket List. So I figured why not have my own?
A run down – Basically the “30 before 30” thing is a list of thirty things to accomplish before you turn thirty years old. If you choose to do one, your deadline would be on your 30th birthday. My deadline is March 10, 2017 coincidentally the same day my license expires! I should probably at renew license to the list.
In actuality I have four whole years to do thirty things, but I know that my 30th birthday will come quicker than I think - so I am ready to get started.
Many of these can definitely be completed after 30 – be it would be much sweeter if I can close out my 20’s by completing this list.
So here is my list:

Reach weight goal between 125 -130lbs
Grow my LOCS to tailbone length.
Run a Marathon.
Complete a Yoga Challenge, to make it a daily habit.

Help someone become saved.
Do missionary work.
Read the entire Bible.
Show love to a stranger.
Start a ministry that caters to Widows.
Become a prayer warrior.

Travel to India & Italy.
Buy furniture in another country.
Go to Disneyland.
Learn Hindi & Italian.
Take another cruise.

Start a book club.
Read 100 new books.
Start a Public book list to track of my reading.
Start my blog on a dot com.
Gain 100 followers for this Blog.

Become a mother (times two would be great).
Write an open letter to my unborn children.
Renew my Wedding Vows.
Learn how to reupholster furniture.
Take a sewing class.
Start crocheting again.
Make my own recipe pan.
Get a Vitamix Blender & Stand Mixer.
Watch 50 Bollywood Movies.
Complete 5 furniture rehabs.

If you start a 30 before 30 list, let me know in the comments below.
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