Sitting At His Feet

15 January 2013

Sitting at his feet:
I just want him to pour into me as I pour out to him. Today’s reading from #JesusCalling was spot on. It stated that we should never allow anything to slow our search for God. As believers we are privileged to be able to call on God whenever we want to. However many of our problems could be avoided or handled easily by seeking God’s help and direction before hand. He is a pillar of wisdom and love which he gladly shares with his children. We should seek God’s presence each and every day — allowing him to guide us. Then when troubles come our way we’ll already be in his presence and prepared to handle anything! Praying you can feel his peace and love upon you!

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  1. Saw this post the other day and wanted to ask...what bible do you prefer and what other reading material do you enjoy? I like devotionals but I'm looking for other material to help me with my studying. Thanks in advance!!


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