Here Comes 2013

03 January 2013

As I begin this new year I plan to leave many things behind in 2012 but Jesus isn't one of them. In Him I have a future and a hope, without him I’m a complete wreck. I’m not afraid to say I need him, that I long for him, and that I’m incomplete without him.

My desire to know him more grows each day — so as I embark on a New Year I have several Life Resolutions that I will carry over from 2012.

  • Rely: on Jesus, commit to never living without him.
  • Pray: more and worry less, make my life a prayer.
  • Live: Each day determined that God’s love will guide what I say and how I think. Live my life on a continual praise frequency.
  • Meditate: Set aside time after devotional to be still before The Lord.
  • Love: and forgive others the way God loves and forgives me.
  • Submit: to my husband, because it pleases The Lord.
  • Seek: the Lord by spending more time reading my bible…get lost in his word. Seek to do his will.
  • Serve: others and The Lord.

I am aware that I alone will come short of these things but in the strength of The Lord I can prevail.

What goals have you made for your life in 2013?


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