Best Job I've Ever Had

31 December 2013

Hello Word of the Nerd readers! I'm thrilled that Charity has invited me to hang out on her blog while she is away for the holidays! I guess I should tell you who I am, that would be helpful. I'm Amberly and I blog over at Life with Amberly and Joe. My posts are all about marriage, love and life and the things I am learning in my journey through each of them. You have seen Charity participate in my Marriage & Relationship Goals every month, I love setting goals that help me become a better wife! My husband and I love to talk about Marriage & Money and the things we've done to help us have happy conversations about finances. My most recent fun series is the Meaningful Marriage Book Study.

Marriage is one of the greatest things in my life, and I love it more and more every single day. My husband is my best friend and the perfect guy for me, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Being a wife is really the best job I've ever had for so many reasons. Over the past little while, I have found myself really appreciating my husband for the support that he gives me on a daily basis.

The first of this month was finals week and I had to take a really stressful math test. The results weren't what I'd hoped for and the night my score was posted, I was an emotional wreck. I was so frustrated with myself, my professor, math in general, and my grade. When I couldn't stop my tears, my sweet husband rolled over in bed and snuggled with me. He didn't have to say anything and I didn't want to talk, but just knowing that he was there for me made a huge difference. (Don't worry, everything worked out and I passed my class!) That night, with my husband's arm wrapped around me, I thought how great it is to have someone to share my sorrows with in life. "Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow" right?

In marriage, we need to be there for each other in good times and bad. Your spouse needs someone to hold them when they're down just as much as you do. Celebrate your joys and successes together and be happy for the things your spouse has accomplished. Be the best friend and spouse they could ask for and they'll do the same in return. We all need a shoulder to lean on, and for me, that shoulder is my husband!


Big Chaotic Holidays

30 December 2013

Hi Word of a Nerd readers, I’m Angela and I blog over at the Harrells on Hood
200x200 button
While visiting my little corner of the internet you can expect to find a recipe or two, lessons I’m learning about my faith, book reviews, and plenty of recaps from my wonderful husband and I’s adventures.
I was thrilled to guest post for Charity today while she visits her family, mostly because I truly believe that family time is the best time

I’m from a big family… and through those crazy chaotic Thanksgivings and Christmases I have learned a lot from them.
I am lucky enough to be blessed with not only unbelievable parents and one heckuva sister... (Yep, that’s a word.) But a huge amount of aunts, uncles and cousins. 
I love my family.
This is normal, right?  But I really love my family.
big picture 2
Growing up not everyone understood these close relationships I held with my family.  They didn’t get why I would prefer going to my aunt’s house over going to other social events.  Or why sometimes I preferred to just stay home and eat dinner with my parents and sister over going out with friends…

Truth is, I am seriously blessed to be able to call my family members some of my very best friends.  They get me.  They’ve known me longer than anyone, and they’ve seen me through thick and thin.

Then there’s my aunts...  I have my mom who is amazing but when I lived an hour away from my mom and was in need of a quick “mom-fix,” I had at least two stand ins nearby that were always more than willing to cook me dinner, give me pep talks, or take care of me when I was sick.  I truly could not lived away from my parents for so long without these quick fixes available.
big picture 3
The great thing about family is that we are stuck together in the best possible way.  We didn’t choose to be related—but we choose always to be friends.  We choose to love each other despite our annoying qualities and rough patches in life. 

My family, time and time again, have shown serious examples of unconditional love, they are incredible.  Throughout each of our lives we all have made some questionable judgment calls and careless mistakes—but every family member has played their part in pouring out their love and lifting us back on our feet when we fall. 

And it is through those less than proud moments, and seeing how my family has so eloquently dealt with them, I have seen tiny glimpses of God’s character.
Because really, isn’t that what relationships are all about? 
Through each relationship in my family (and really, in life.) I have learned just a little bit more about God, and who he is… and through my family, the biggest lesson has been in grace and loving wholeheartedly and unconditionally.
big picture
Want to hear more about my crazy family’s adventures and life lessons? I’d love if you stopped by and said hi! :)

A Story of Change

27 December 2013

Thank you Charity for the opportunity to guest post on your blog and thank you to everyone for reading along on our journey. I met Charity through the TTC blogging community and recently met up with her in person. She is every bit of beautiful and amazing that you would imagine she is through her blog. It was as though we were old long lost friends even though we had never met in person before.

When Charity asked me to guest post I thought a lot about what to share with all of you and how to word it. I want to share my story. Its a story of hope even though we haven't had our happy ending just yet. I hope that in sharing this you can see that you are not alone and that if you are in a dark place you find hope and see that you won't always be there.

Right now I am 28 years old, and relatively young in the infertility community. My husband is ten years older than me though and much of the time as we wait to become parents it feels as though the sand of time are slipping through our fingers. Rob is my other half, my missing puzzle piece, and my true happiness. Even through the struggles we have now as we move forward into our first IVF, which is anticipated to being in January 2014, we still find a way to find joy and laughter in each day.

My life was not always like this. When I was younger, like most teenagers do, I thought I was invincible. I met a boy and he ended up breaking my heart. I thought he was my forever. I followed blindly behind him as he lead me into dark places of drug abuse, lies and mental abuse. I believed every word he said and I pushed aside every single tear he caused because I thought that he loved me. I pushed aside family members and friendships. I lost who I was and became a part of him. It wasn't until he went on years later to marry another woman, while still trying to string me along on the side, that I realized that I needed out of that relationship.

When you leave an abusive relationship- whether its mental abuse where you are constantly told you are nothing without the other person or physical abuse where the scars are on your skin and visible for the world to see- you will struggle to see past your own scars. Certain things will rip those scars wide open and even all these years later I still find scars being opened at different times. It will be a hard climb to recover from abuse like this and it is happening in our world today all around us. I met him when I was 10 years old and was with him until I was 20. I was young while I went through this and I was lucky I found my way out.

You can tell a person until you are blue in the face that they should leave an abusive relationship and they may even physically leave the relationship;but until they are truly ready to let go mentally as well they will still be involved involved in the relationship. They will still suffer from the previous abuse. It takes a long time and a lot of strength to move forward. Couple that with having to overcome addiction and you will compound the issues that you are dealing with ten fold. It took me two years to become healthy and happy. I had the help of a counselor and friends that stuck by my side. Every step was not always forward, but my progress moved continually forward.

In the first few years I had to truly find myself. I didn't know who I truly was on my own. I still honestly struggle with this today. A large part of my youth was spent following behind and not being able to make a decision for myself. I found out that my favorite color was blue, but I also like purple. I found out that I enjoyed reading a good book and cooking in the kitchen. I like my eggs sunny side up and I found that I enjoyed all different types of music. I have traveled and visited other countries and found that I love Disney. Most importantly I found that my family is so very important to me and that I longed to be a mother.

I went on to quit the job I was in and become an EMT. Since those years long ago I can say that instead of destroying my life and others around me that I have saved lives and I have made a difference in my community. When I started working at my new job I also found my husband and in 2007 we started dating. It was a real relationship where we walked side by side. I learned what it was like to have someone help build you up and be your strength when you are weak. I learned what real love looked like. Things are not always easy for Rob and I. We have had our fair share of struggles, but I can honestly say that my husband and I can get through anything side by side.

 I made a lot of mistakes in my past. Its hard to tell you all that I have no regrets, but I do know that if I didn't take each step I took during my life and my recovery to find myself I would not be where I am. Even though we have been trying to have a baby for 3 years and even though my body seems to be letting me down at times I know that right now I am exactly where I am suppose to be. Through all this I have found a faith that I didn't know I had.

Maybe we don't have our happy ending just yet, but I do know that I am with who I am suppose to be with. I know that I am happy and healthy. I know that I overcame a lot of dark places to get where I am today. I hope that all women suffering with abusive relationships know that they can get out. That there will be happiness at the end of the dark tunnel.

I hope all those that we dealing with infertility never forget to live in the day that they are given and to enjoy the time that they have while waiting for their happy endings. I have learned to do my best to embrace every single day that I have been given while we are waiting. I have learned that its okay to like things different from my husband. I have learned that its okay to be an opinionated woman. I have learned to harbor new friendships without fear and to move forward into the light of this life. I have learned that with faith and love and friendship that everything will be alright.


A Scary Proposition

26 December 2013

Hi lovely ladies, I’m pretty excited about guest spotting here with the wonderful Charity – one pretty fabulous filled lady and one I am so honored to have met in this little world, even if on the other side of it!! 

I’m Finley from my little blog In It for Love where you get to hear the inner ramblings of yours truly as I venture on my faith filled journey of life. Sometimes a little awkward, splashed with a couple of nerves but plenty of honesty as I venture on my new walk with Christ and the happenings in between.  Life as a newlywed, our longing for children,  my gorgeous family, my over thinking brain and well, food.  Well actually more ribs than “food” but food nonetheless (kind of wanting ribs now – sorry Charity!).

One thing I've found from blogging is the amazing support and friendship that is out there and that I've found.  I never imagined that I’d meet so many down to earth women, so intent on being amongst and hearing from other women!  It’s truly an empowering thing to be surrounded by so many strong minded, honest women – and one of the things I love most about this little online land!  So please feel free to pop on over to my little land, I’d love to hear from you and visit yours xx

The Prayer Partnership

There is something completely honest and vulnerable about praying with your husband.

I've just been experiencing it for the first times this past week and I'm already feeling stronger for it.

I've always wanted to pray with my husband, not just our saying Grace at dinner time or talking to each other about what we've read or heard, but deliberately praying together.

I know I need to work on my own prayer life and being consistent and I feel this is a good way to start building my prayer confidence and to really connect spiritually with my husband.

The only thing is, I have a tendency to go quite awkward and weird when I feel uncomfortable and at actual quite important moments too unfortunately.

Here is an embarrassing example;

The night hubby proposed to me was at home and he'd apparently been trying to ask me all evening, however I was supposedly in a talkative mood so he couldn't cut in edgeways (so the story goes) .I think I must have just been full of very important information that just had to be shared.

So we get to bed and he pops the question there in bed on the 2nd anniversary of when we met, Halloween, 31st October 2009 - however two years later.    "I have a scary proposition for you, will you marry me?".

Enter awkward moment - Finley goes silent,  Finley starts to small talk, then giggles, then touches his lips and says oh you have nice lips....hubby starts to worry I guess the poor thing.  Then says do you want me to ask you again?  Asks me again, I say yes. 

This is what I meant by awkward in crucial moments!  What kind of weird stuff was I doing!!! I know it was the weirdest thing and I knew what I should say, I know what I wanted to say and I couldn't get it out.  For some ridiculous reason I felt uncomfortable.  And there is no logical reason why I should have.....just my mind getting in the way!

And I did this with hubby the first night I said to him I wanted to start praying together every night.

So as we were ready to lie down to sleep in bed, I asked him if we could face each other, hold hands, and silently pray together.

So we faced each other, held hands and were about to close our eyes and what did I do? I start to just randomly touch his face and say "do we start now? Are you ready? Oh you have a little mark right there. You have pretty eyes" and made some weird random noise and fidgeted around.

No Finley no. Just stop my goodness! The things we do when we are nervous! 

Right. Back to it. Got that out of my system and then I did a strange awkward nervous last look smirk to hubby and I closed my eyes and said my prayer, squeezing my husbands hand slightly to indicate I was done and said Amen.

And all the strange nervous fears I had were gone.  It's that first step that sometimes just trips you up.  

Amazing how you can get so nervous about something you know you want to do, but sometimes finding the words to express it is easier said than done...well for me anyway :)

We are on track though now.  Just last night I came home from my missions meeting with a wanting in my heart to have my husband lead us in prayer to pray for my mum who is struggling with a few things and I paused for a second when I walked up the stairs to see him but took a breath and just asked him.  Why would I get nervous about something I know my Godly husband would LOVE me to ask him to do!!!  

And he did. We sat on the bed, held hands and he began to pray for my mum, out loud, our first time. Amen. Then the unexpected.  He said your turn.  Nervous flutter moment.  Closed my eyes and went for it.  Out loud.  Nervous as anything to start but the feeling of WHO I was praying to...peace at last!!!

So we will continue, perhaps not out loud to each other every time, we will move gently into that, but if I feel it pressing on my heart, no matter if prayer or my thoughts, I have to say it and do it.  No second guessing myself or thoughts of nervousness or embarrassment....I'm all in.

Merry Christmas

25 December 2013

Just wanted to wish you lovelies a very Merry Christmas. May the love of Christ fill your hearts and home in this New Year!!

Love always Mr. & Mrs. FixIt! :-)

Christmas Craftiness

24 December 2013

Why hello there, lovely readers! Charity has asked me to write here while she is off soaking up the sun in Florida (lucky duck!).  Today I wanted to share with you a fun centerpiece to add holiday flavor to your home!  If you love simple and easy, this will be right up your alley.

Since getting married, one of the things I am really starting to get into are fun crafty projects to make our apartment feel more homey.  And with the Christmas season upon us, I have been wanting to create a fun, festive centerpiece for our lovely nail polish remover stained coffee table.
I got the idea from Pinterest, but it was originally pinned by this blogger.

I don't know about you ladies who have husbands, but my husband is certainly not the most crafty bear around.  His involvement goes as far as him helping me carry multiple bags from Michael's to the car...and Heaven forbid if I ask him to help me hold something while I'm in the process of gluing ;)  His job with this crafty project? Help me break tooth picks in half (easy there Tarzan) and help me push the tooth picks into the Hershey Kisses.  Not to hard right?  Well this picture doesn't lie....this was after he complained he would rather get a root canal done than help me make some holiday memories together; nothing says love more than complaining;)
 Supplies needed...
Two 6-inch cone foam pieces (I used white, but you can find green)
One 9-inch cone foam piece 
7 bags of Hershey's Kisses
2 boxes of small wooden tooth picks
3 decorative bows for the tops of the tree's

I ended up using 5 bags of Hershey's Kisses to cover two 6-inch foam cones (aka tree's) and one 9-inch foam cone.
1//To start off, you break all the tooth picks in half and use each half to stick into the bottom of a Hershey's Kiss.

2//Then, slowly press the impaled Hershey's Kiss into the foam cone, but make sure it is secure before adding on to the tree.

3// Just keep adding on the kisses to create your Christmas tree.  Once you finish the tree, make sure you don't forget to add a tree topper on top!  Look specifically for a bow the drapes or hangs over so it cover the tip top of the tree.

And that's it!! So easy and it looks so pretty when you're all done.  Of course be sure to have extra Hershey's Kisses lying around for snacking taste testing ;-)
Patty blogs regularly over at A Modern Grace where she strives to live life with grace, class, and when needed, some sass.  She is a new-ish wife, busy youth minister, learning to cook more than a bowl of cereal, and making their apartment into a home.  Feel free to snoop follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Sweet & Easy

23 December 2013

hello! my name is Elizabeth and i blog over at Oak + Oats. i am so excited to be guest posting here at The Word of A Nerd! i love winter and Christmas and snow and making treats and staying warm and feeding friends and drinking hot coco and such. i wanted to share with you my mother's secret recipe (that is all over pinterest now) because it is so easy and a great go to dessert for the holiday season! 

i make easy treats. i am not not much of a backer/ cook / person who enjoys spending time alone in my kitchen. these brownies are right up my ally because they are seriously the easiest thing ever. also, they are Ridings family tradition. my mom made these all the time growing up - school snacks, bible study dessert, birthday foods, potlucks, and all that. probably because she is a lot like me!

- box of brownie mix (& required ingredients)
       vegetable oil
       2 eggs
- bag of york peppermint patties

1. mix together the brownie mix following the instructions on the box
2. put in the oven for a couple minutes less than the box tells you to
3. when the timer beeps, add unwrapped mints to the top of the brownies
4. put back in oven for 3-4 minutes
5. use a spoon (sprayed with pam) to spread the melted mints on top of the brownies
6. let cool & enjoy!!!! 

Extending Christmas

22 December 2013

selfportrait4Why hello there, The Word of a Nerd readers! I'm Kiki and you can find me blogging over at In Its Time. I'm super excited to be posting on Charity's blog today because I not only love her heart but I know she has a great community of readers, too. If we've never met before, here's a quick and easy list of things I love (in no particular order): Jennifer Lawrence, singing in the shower, photography, teaching, the color grey, Jesus Christ, and the beautiful PNW where I call home. Over on my little blog you'll find posts about all of these things and more. I can't wait to see you there!
But before you click on over (which I hope you do!), I want to introduce you to this holiday that you have got to start celebrating:
sms1Stocking Day. Are you familiar with this one?

If there's one thing that puts me in a holiday cheer, it's Stocking Day. Most people probably refer to it as Saint Nicholas Day, but when you're a kid, Stocking Day rolls off the tongue a little easier. And if you're a kid at heart, you keep using that name even when you're a twenty-something.

Instead of opening our stockings on Christmas morning, my family and I open ours up on Saint Nicholas Day, which takes place on the 6th of December. It kind of extends Christmas, if you ask me. My mom always loved celebrating a man who was generous and cared for the sick, needy, and young children and now that I'm teaching my own class of kids, I couldn't agree with her more.

So yes, we still celebrate it around here. We don't get the chance to open them up together since we all have different morning schedules and work/school times, but it's still a treat to see them all out on the kitchen table when I first come down stairs in the morning.
sms2Now that us kids are getting older, my mom (aka the stocking stuffer-er) has been asking us what we'd like but I love that she always ends up surprising us with other treats, too. Some years there are iTunes gift cards. Other years there are little toys or ornaments. This last year, my mom completely surprised me with The Help, some gloves to use with my iPod, and some of my favorite Christmas candies.

Stocking Day will always be a tradition in my family. And when/if I have kids, you'd better believe stockings will be filled and ready to open on December 6th each year. And if I don't have kids, then you'd better believe I'm going to show up on my parent's doorstep that morning waiting to open up my stocking.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

So tell me, what are your December family traditions? Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day or do you open your stockings on Christmas morning?

Iced In

20 December 2013

Hello lovelies. This Friday I am linking up with my sweet friend Aimee who blogs over at Dear Harper Blog to bring you the Find Beauty Friday Linkup. The purpose of this linkup up is to find the beauty in your life and capture it, so that you can share it with others. Please feel free to link up whatever image you found beautiful via your blog, or Instagram using the links below. 

Also take a moment to visit some of the links and don't forget to leave a sweet comment for the blogs or instagram's you visit.

Today's Beauty was shot at a park near my apartment. We had a snow storm that brought tons of ice and snow our way. After being stuck in the house for the duration of the storm this is what we saw when we went out two days later. Honestly the photograph doesn't do it justice. The ice enclosed every branch on this tree and when the sun shone on it the whole thing sparkled. It was so lovely....another reason why winter is my favorite season. Everything just shines and sparkles when the snow falls.

Christmas of 1993

19 December 2013

The night before Christmas was surely the time I slept the least in my life. I remember trying my hardest to sleep so Christmas Day would come. As I laid in my bed my mind kept thinking about the presents that were sitting under the tree. Was that big one for me or my brother? Is that the Barbie jeep that I wanted or is it an easy bake oven? My mind would not let me rest. Eventually I would think hard enough to drift off to sleep. 

With the Christmas tree glimmering beyond the cracked door of the bedroom my brother and I shared my mom brought out bicycles we didn't know she had purchased. When the morning came the smell of breakfast woke both my brother and I up. Even though I am a vegan now the smell of bacon and eggs brings back happy memories of my childhood and for that I am always grateful.

After waking up we'd scoff down our breakfast and then run over to the tree and hand out any presents we'd bought for one another. Yes I could buy presents, I was 6 years old - I earned 10 dollars a week in 2 dollar bills for doing my chores! But back to the story. Once we handed out gifts my brother and I began to scratch the paper away from our gifts. In those moments my heart fluttered so loudly I could hear it in my ears. It beat so loudly that  I didn't notice when my Grandmother and Aunt showed up to add more gifts to the piles.

I was an innocent kid and my mind was focused on presents. I was so focused on the presents under the tree that I failed to notice the sparkly pink and white bike that was behind the tree waiting for me. When I finally looked up from my easy bake oven I saw the bicycle and let out a scream. I was thrilled to have this bike and ran to my mom to give her a big hug. After hugging her I remember that  I didn't know how to ride and instantly I became a little sad. And no I didn't believe in Santa because 1. I was really smart, 2. We didn't have a chimney, 3. I was pretty nosy and caught my mom wrapping our gifts.  

As we changed out of our pajamas my brother hurriedly put on his clothes to ride his new bike. I told my mom I didn't know how to ride mine and she was all dressed saying that she would teach me. We had a huge park across the street from our home - my mom and I walked my bike across to the park. She helped me to sit on the seat and told me I needed to peddle. My bike was equipped with training wheels but it was still a difficult thing for me. I remember my mom holding me steady and giving me a push and telling me to peddle and steer. I fell down once or twice but she was right there to dust me off. 

Every time I think back on childhood Christmases I know that was the best one ever. Not because I got tons of toys and a sparkly pink bike, but because my mom was there to teach me how to ride it. She's always worked so hard to give us normalcy, love, discipline and the best up bringing she could. Now that I am older I can see that her presence was my best Christmas present ever. 

Your Turn: What was your favorite holiday memory or favorite gift you received as a child?

It's A Party + A Giveaway!!

18 December 2013

Happy Blogiversary! Happy  Blogiversary! Happy Blogiversary! Happppppy Blogiversary!

Oh my goodness!!! It's been a whole year of blogging. My my where has the time gone? Seriously! When I started this blogging journey I never thought I would make it this far or form the friendships that I have made. My heart is full as I think about the encouragement, laughter, friendships, love, and faith this blog has brought into my life. I started out blogging too scared to share my story and then I finally did. So many of you opened up your hearts to me on your own issues whether different or the same and we bonded. 

The more I blog I realize that this blog is less about me and more about how I can relate to other believers. I thought my struggle to conceive would make me an outcast but God has shown me that it's made me relatable. It's help me to empathize with people who are dealing with their own struggles and it's also helped to increase my faith.

So as we prepare to move into the new year I am going to be on a blogging hiatus to renew my mind and to do some secret other things. Most of you know all about it and if you don't you'll find out what I'm up to in just a few days. Please continue to stop by the blog as I have several amazing ladies who are going to be sharing wonderful post with us as I prepare to come back refreshed in the NEW YEAR! I thank you all for keeping me encouraged and for laughing with me. I hope you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.Your prayers, comments, and presence mean so much to me, so thank you.

With that said I've got a fabulous recipe written below and three awesome prizes for you gorgeous ladies. So try the recipe, enter the giveaway and share it with a friend!

Red Velvet Cake


1 cup vegan shortening*
1 3/4 cups Sugar
2 1/2 cups cake flour
1 1/4 tsp salt
2 eggs*
1 cup buttermilk*
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 1/2 oz red food coloring
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp almond extract
1 tsp chocolate extract

5 tbsp flour 
1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup butter*
1 cup granulated sugar


For Batter
Bring all your ingredients to room temperature 20-30 minutes before you are ready to bake.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease two 8 or 9 inch round baking pans. I like to spray mine with coconut oil.

In a measuring cup add 1tbsp of vinegar and fill it the rest of the way with soy milk. Allow milk to curdle for 5-10 minutes.

Sift together flour, salt, baking powder and soda then set aside.

In a small bowl mix together cocoa powder and food coloring.

In another bowl mix together your buttermilk*, eggs*, and extracts.

With your mixer cream together shortening and sugar until fluffy. While the mixer running alternate between adding buttermilk/egg* mixture and flour mixture. Do this until fully combined. 

Once combined add in red mixture and beat until well mixed. 

Pour batter into prepared pans and spread evenly until the surface is flat.

Bake for 25 minutes or until inserted knife comes out clean.

Once cake is finished baking. Allow to cool in pan for 5 minutes and then remove and place on cooling rack.

For Frosting
In a small saucepan whisk flour into milk on medium low heat. Stir constantly until mixture thickens. The mixture should be thicker than the cake batter.

Remove from heat and let the mixture cool. To speed up the cooling process I transfer my mixture into a measuring cup and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. 

Meanwhile cream butter* and sugar together with your mixer. Beat it into submission you don't want to feel the grainy texture from the sugar.

Add your cooled milk and flour mixture and the vanilla extract to the sugar and butter* mixture. Beat the ingredients until they are light and fluffy resemble whipped cream.

Spread on cooled cake. Garnish with pecans*.

Serve and Enjoy!!

*All ingredients in this recipe are vegan. Milk is soy or almond milk, shortening and butter are Earth Balance. Eggs are Ener G Egg Replacer.

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